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Our June Show - Features a Third Saturday Demo by Janet Fox

“Creating Art Inspired by Dreams” Artist’s Demo by Janet Fox on Saturday, June 16 at 2:00 pm. Janet Fox paints with encaustic (heated pigmented bees wax), mixed media, and acrylic, often layering in fibrous and colorful papers, fabric, ink and found materials. She carves, scrapes, fills, and buffs, building contrasts and textures. Her work is often inspired by vivid sleep-time images or ideas; she also creates from nature and garden themes.

A not so little treasure can be found off the beaten path in Rockville: Gallery 209. Set within A&M2 on Wilkins Avenue - an industrial area of Rockville, MD - Gallery 209 offers a wide range of visual experiences created by its diverse and large community of artists. It's worth checking out. With exhibits changing monthly, you can plan to stop by every First Friday of the month to see new works and to meet the artists.

Suzanne Y. Sigüenza

I’m delighted to join the awesome artists in the expanded Gallery 209 group. The original 12 resident artists brought excitement and wonder to the Artists and Makers 2 building on Wilkins Avenue and to that whole corner of Rockville!

Bill Peirce

Our July Show - Features a presentation by Cathy Hirsh

Cathy Hirsh is doing a presentation on July 21 at 2:00 pm.  She is a Master Gardener, Gallery 209 Artist, Artists & Makers Resident Artist, Teacher and founder of Gallery 209. 


Cathy will discuss the use of artistic design principles in preparing, evaluating, and maintaining landscape garden designs.  Artists use design principles in encouraging a viewer's eye movement through the use of shape and color.  These principles can be used to make home gardens more visually appealing and interesting.  Come get some new ideas for your garden!


This presentation is another in the ongoing monthly series of presentations by Gallery 209 Artists--every third Saturday, 2 pm at Gallery 209

I love the honesty, sensitivity and expressiveness of creative people and am inspired by their devotion to their work.  I am excited to be a part of Gallery 209, which brings together the artists, their works, and the magic of connecting to the hearts and minds of the community.  Everyone is welcome to our gallery to experience the energy and spirit of its artists and the beauty of their artworks.

Patricia Zannie

I am very pleased to be one of the 22 diverse artists in the new,  expanded Gallery 209 in the beautiful third floor gallery at Artists and Makers 2. Each artist will have work in monthly shows along with special exhibitions. First Fridays have become the thing to do in Rockville. 

Jamie Downs

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