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Jim Hoehn

Jim Hoehn - Gallery 209 Artist.jpgdited.jpg
Jim Hoehn - Seagulls at Dusk - oil
Jim Hoehn - West Coast at Autumn - oil
Jim Hoehn - Farm at Morning - oil
Jim Hoehn - Gray Barn at Night - oil

I am a Maryland painter who works with oils, acrylics, and water colors. My inspiration derives from the beauty of our environment. I am often inspired by the photography of Virginia’s Ferne Rothstein and the works of the great artists with whom I have had the privilege to work.  


My artistic goals are to learn, to improve and to create works that provide you with rich colors and texture, and which suggest an underlying story.  My work hangs in collections in thirteen states and has appeared in numerous shows, including the recent “Escapes” show at the Kentlands Arts Barn & Mansion.  I am a member of the Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association and the Montgomery Artists Association.

On Our Blog: "An Artist Interview with James Hoehn" by Patricia Zannie

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