Julie Smith

Julie Smith artist at Gallery 209

From Paleolithic to present, art preserves a moment that speaks directly to us about the artists’ experience of life.  It is my hope that my work speaks to others about our common experiences - appreciating beautiful trees and vivid skies, communicating with other living things, feeling the exhilarating cool of an early fall breeze or the exuberance of spring flowers – fleeting miracles that fill and enrich each of us.  This is truly the common ground where we all celebrate beauty and sing the song of life.


In March, 1976, I began a long, interesting and rewarding career with the American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).  Throughout those years, I abandoned fine arts in favor of other creative pursuits such as beaded jewelry, learning to silversmith, and making stained glass windows and lamps. I retired from the AFL-CIO in September 2001, and began to rekindle my passion for fine art that slumbered for so long.  I began taking watercolor and acrylic courses and workshops, then began exhibiting work. 


I am a participating member of several art organizations, The Baltimore Watercolor Society and Potomac Valley Watercolorists, and other local groups, and regularly exhibit with them.  I have been fortunate with my work being recognized with many awards and sales.  I intend to continue painting and other artistic pursuits for the rest of my life.

Julie Smith - Windrunners - acrylic
Julie Smith - Dark Sister - acrylic
Julie Smith - Morning Warmth - acrylic m