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Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe

Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe - Gallery 209 Artist.jpeg
Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe - Hex Untitled - wall relief
Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe - More Than This - Sculpture
Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe - Nothing But Blueskies - digital and NFTs
Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe - Hex series 2020-present - wall relief

Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe is a classically trained artist with extensive studies in art history. Her work is recognized for minimalist, methodical patterns, squares, and self portraiture. Her sculptures focus on constructed objects and the space created by them. She works primarily in plastic and production of multiples. Preoccupations include hex numbering systems and colors, and Blue Skies. Influences include early Minimalism and the Light and Space Movement.

Separate from her art and related art projects, Lissa’s professional nonprofit and advocacy career spans decades, from the 1990s to present. She has championed arts and cultural initiatives for leading national arts and humanities organizations and has advanced equitable access to arts and humanities in Washington, DC. Board service includes National Cherry Blossom Festival and the SoCo Arts Lab.

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