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Maduka Francis Uduh

Maduka Francis Udah - Gallery 209 Artist.jpg
Maduka Francis Uduh - Rejoice, Cold Cast Bronze
Maduka Francis Uduh - Comrade H - 41 Inches, Wood, 2014
Maduka Francis Uduh - Oneness 57 Inches, Wood 2013
Maduka Francis Uduh - Fellowship, 79 Inches, Wood, 2016

For Maduka Francis Uduh, home is where the heart is at peace. This was once Nigeria, where his art career began 30 years ago. Inspired by his environment, he created pieces influenced by the culture, the landscape, and the socioeconomic uncertainties of his country. They fed his beginnings, but now in a new chapter of his life, he finds himself in the environment of America, and a new journey of creativity.


Across oceans and borders, Uduh’s message of peace continues to shine through his art and creates a home for him everywhere he goes. Let’s make the world home, a place where every heart is at peace.


Uduh has participated in various group, solo art exhibitions and art auctions in Nigeria, Europe, and America. While participating in auctions and exhibits he has executed numerous art commissions in Nigeria, including both mosaic murals and sculptures. He is a proud member of both the Society of Nigerian Artists and Universal Studios of Art.

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