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Gallery 209 Our Debut Sh

When I invited the 11 artists to participate with me in this new gallery venture, I knew they were all very talented—I knew them and their work from previous art shows, art classes, or painting trips. What I didn’t know was their full skill set—graphic design, website implementation, marketing, financial management—what a dream team! And they work so well together!

It was only a little more than a month ago that I had the idea to open a new gallery space. I have had a studio/classroom and gallery at Artists and Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive for over a year—Studio 41--and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences there. When Artists and Makers 2 on Wilkins offered new studios, I thought one could be used as a new display venue, a gallery, for multiple artists. I chose Studio 209, and while not huge, the space is perfect for our group of 12 artists.

Things have moved rather quickly from our first organizational meeting in early January. We’ve painted the space, selected a name (Gallery 209), developed a logo, built a website, a Facebook page, etc., etc. And while there are still some loose ends, we are almost ready to open our newly painted, red door for our debut show! (More about the “red door” in a future post!)

Studio 209 at Artists and Makers 2, 12276 Wilkins Ave. in Rockville

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 4

Artists always in Gallery 209, first Friday receptions (6 to 9), all Saturdays (noon to 4) and during special Artists and Makers Studios, or Gallery 209 special events.

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