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A Rich Creative Process and Cheap Buyers

When I do quick studies, they can begin with contour because I know it's not on the final Support (canvas or nice paper or primed wood that I prepare) I always rough in a masterwork with either paint or graphite. I push the composition around until it sits where I want it. Then I paint or draw. Sometimes it's in the creation room (studio). Sometimes in the backyard. Sometimes in the kitchen or on the couch or in the truck or the woods or anywhere.

Then I loose myself. If the sun goes down I take pictures and go home to come back tomorrow or finish in the studio. In the studio, I turn on my 3500 watt tuned light. So far, I have afforded to keep the electric payed as

I sit in front of a space heater. I use to just go to bed when it got dark but the winter months became too cold and dark for too long. I loose the hours and days. I concentrate on details and what's wrong. I correct and add. I keep a photo on my phone with me of my latest progress to check while I'm watching the news or pouring a cup of coffee. I forget to eat until I can't see from painting and am forced to stop. I paint until I can see nothing left to correct. Sometimes I hack off edges trying to find the correct shape and perspective.

When it's finally ok, I ask people I trust what they think. If they say anything other than perfect, and they never do, I usually work on it another 30%. It always helps to spend the extra time. It's frustrating to keep working on what I hoped was done. But it becomes obvious to me that it needed more work. When it's finally over, I let it sit for a few months before varnish and a frame. I usually look on Facebook to see all the other incredible works that mine can not compare to. Then I enter mine in a show under priced just to get it out of my sight.

Years later I always regret not asking for a more deserving price. But I need the money and people are cheap.

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