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Welcome Evan Parker!

Gallery 209 is pleased to welcome Evan Parker III to our membership. We are sure all of our followers will be delighted to get to know Evan and his artwork. His work displays artistry and humor as well as a sense of presence within current and historical art milieus.

To quote selections from his artist statement:

“In the end, my truly important learning experiences have had nothing to do with school, but with getting out of my own way, getting over myself, and having an open mind.....I like seeing things, real-life-in-the-world-things that create a sense of wonder, and art that creates that same sense....What I hope when I make my images is that I’m creating something similar, giving a little of that wonder I’m so greedy for back....I love the idea of juxtaposition (how to make unrelated things belong together)...I take any number of influences and styles and put them through some inner filter with the hopes that the end result, if not new, is at least an interesting variation on things that have come before....maybe, that juxtaposition is just weird enough to make it original and just strange enough to create a moment of wonder. If it does, I was successful.”

So, don’t miss Evan’s monthly shows along with the work of the other 21 fabulous artists and sculptors who make up the Gallery 209 roster. There is an artist reception every first Friday, 6 to 9 pm—the next one will be Friday, June 7! And Gallery 209 is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

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