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An Interview With Angela Lacy

By Patricia Zannie (09/03/2022)

Patricia Zannie Gallery 209 Artist

Angela Lacy, a nationally recognized award winning watercolorist, is also a member of Gallery 209 at Artists and Makers in Rockville.

Growing up in Tokyo she was fascinated by the watercolor and oil paintings of Japanese artists, both contemporary and historic, Master woodblock printmakers. Angela’s subjects are found in ordinary surroundings, street scenes, city scapes and people going about their daily routines. Her scenes are representational, graphic, detailed and captivating. Yet, there is a softness to them from the unexpected nature of watercolor’s infinite possibilities.

In recent years, Angela has been painting using a pouring technique which improvises strong value contrasts, as she is captivated by the intense light and shadow contrasts that play in the subject’s various forms. The pouring technique requires many layers of glaze and numerous applications of a masking process. The resulting improvisations may free her from making color choices, yet, they capture the striking beauty of the scene.

In 2018, Angela won the Gold Medal for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 39th International Juried Exhibition. Subsequently, the image of her painting appeared in the “21 Best Water-media Paintings of the Year” article in the February 2019 issue of “Watercolor Artists” magazine. In the past three years, Angela has received over a dozen awards, including Best in Show. Her awards are national, coming from numerous Watercolor Societies up and down the East Coast and from the Washington, DC area to San Diego, California. Angela is a Signature member of many Watercolor Societies as well as a member of local Art Leagues and Gallery 209.


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