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An Interview With Geri Olson

By Patricia Zannie (08/05/2022)

Patricia Zannie Gallery 209 Artist

Geri Olson, a Modern artist, has been an artist-member of Gallery 209 since its beginning in 2017.

Geri’s avante guard artwork is a natural outgrowth of America’s Abstract Expressionism and the artist’s desire to both control and improvise their artistic results.

She has worked in and studied various types of art —sculpture, pottery, photography, crafts, silk painting, textile art. She has explored many mediums and styles while studying under many national artists, including David Kessler - illusions of depth on flat surfaces; Mark Mahferty - elements of design; Pat Dews - creative composition; David Daniels - impressionistic style; Linda Kemp - creative design; Carrie Brown, - textured surfaces; and Liam Zhen - harmony between nature and imagination.

She feels that color and movement in abstract art is exciting for the beauty and mystery that develops on the canvas. Like Morris Louis, she allows paint to move and flow, creating new and unimagined colors and forms—improvisational art. Geri’s work is very “existential” as she works in the present moment. She is drawn to the freedom and ambiguity of contemporary art and the freedom to take risks and be spontaneous.


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