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An Interview With Jamie Downs

By Patricia Zannie (06/17/2022)

Patricia Zannie Gallery 209 Artist

Jamie Downs, who currently teaches Fine Arts at the University of the District of Columbia, is also a member of Gallery 209.

Like Sartre’s or Simone de Beauvoir’s existential quest for being, Jamie has worked in mixed media non-objective painting for over 50 years exploring the expression of themes of oneness and transcendence, searching for her own personal archetypes.

Her largest series of work is the “Oneness” series which is non-objective; this often makes it possible to place work done in different media and sometimes even scale, years apart, together to form a seamless diptych or triptych.

Her pragmatic approach to “Oneness” is in the abstraction of a series of archetypes. Her most recent series explores the “Oneness” in a universe of floral archetypes, birds and animals to find the essential characteristics that each “single” item must possess to make it one with the others in that archetype.

She has had numerous one person and group shows and is in many collections. Her studio is in North Kensington, Maryland and open by appointment.


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