Anastasia Walsh

I was creative as a child, yet put aside art until three years ago, after I retired. I discovered reverse-glass painting and found the medium challenging and unique. Soon I was scouring the area for discarded old windows which are especially generous for an artist because the wood frames, when stripped and refinished, are themselves a work of art. For paint I use acylics, alcohol inks, and gels.  My work includes impressionistic and abstracts.

In 2018 I moved into the creation of mosaics. Mosaics offers even more of an opportunity to reuse garbage and other discarded items – metal plates, broken glass, tile, ceramics, and even ‘junk’. I have a wealth of found metals just from my yard that serve as substrates for mosaics. I have created mosaics on a bicycle wheel, a catalytic converter, and a hand-made saw.


My artistic skills are primarily self-taught; though I have learned to apply the fundamental philosophy of ‘andamento’ to my mosaic work.

Anastasia Walsh - After the Storm
Anastasia Walsh - Luna Blu
Anastasia Walsh - Papilio
Anastasia Walsh - Detritus Rising
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