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An Artist Interview with Anastasia Walsh

By Patricia Zannie (5/3/2023)

Patricia Zannie Gallery 209 Artist

Anastasia Walsh, a self-taught visual artist, is also a member of Gallery 209.

Using the creativity she experienced as a child, after she retired, she discovered reverse-glass painting, finding the medium challenging and unique. She scoured the area for discarded old windows, stripping and refinishing the wood frames, which were themselves a work of art. She used acrylics, alcohol inks and gels in both impressionistic and abstract styles. She refurbished discarded picture frames and damaged doors, using them as her canvass for paintings.

Over the past several years she has moved into the creation of mosaic and paper collage. Mosaics offer her even more opportunity to reuse found objects and discarded items such as metal plates, broken glass, tile, ceramics and even “Junk.” For Anastasia, broken or old tools, such as saws, trowels, shovels and furniture boards, provide inspiring substrates.

Anastasia’s creative explorations result in abstract and impressionistic paintings, Mosaics, and 3D sculptures. Her art usually includes integration of recycled materials and old tools and a range of media including alcohol inks, watercolor, glass acrylics and gels, paper and elements from nature.

Anastasia has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and she has been the show manager of the Kensington Paint the Town Show since 2018, including multiple online shows during 2020, due to the pandemic closure. These involved hundreds of artists and artworks, exhibitions, contests, receptions, and obtaining involvement and financial backing from the local business community.

In addition to local exhibitions and Gallery 209, her paintings are on exhibit on her Etsy website.


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